Disclosure & Barring Service

Tracking Service

The online tracking service provides the applicant, the employer and the Registered or Umbrella Body with a facility to track the progress of DBS application forms.

What information will I need to track an application?

To track an individual application you will need to know two pieces of information:

  • The DBS application form reference number
  • The applicant's date of birth

To track multiple applications (only available to Countersignatories) you will need to provide:

  • The Registered Body number
  • The Countersignatory number
  • The Countersignatory's date of birth

How much will it cost?

The tracking service is available free-of-charge.

What will the tracking service tell me?

The tracking service will tell you what stage in the process the application(s) has reached, or will state that:

  • The application has been returned to the Countersignatory, due to errors identified on the application and the date this was done.
  • If the Certificate has already been printed and the date this was done.

What if I need to speak to someone about the tracking service or its results?

If you wish to speak to someone about the tracking service or the results of the search please contact us, quoting the application form reference number you entered when you made your online progress enquiry request.

Phone: 03000 200 190
Minicom: 03000 200 192
Post: Disclosure and Barring Service
PO Box 3961
Wootton Bassett, SN4 4HF

Click here to track the progress of a single application

Click here to track the progress of multiple applications

Did you know you can subscribe to the Update Service using your application form reference number?